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Outbound Investments

Stone Compass Associates and its affiliated partners maintains a portfolio of outbound investment projects available to our business and individual clients.  These investment projects are from a diverse range of industries, from consumer products to real estate to food services to alternative energy, etc. 
Immigration Investments
Stone Compass Associates provides a full line of services that walks its clients through every step of the United States immigration process, from the immigration application, to business consultation, to education consultation. 
Based on one-on-one consultations, we provide our clients with immigration investment options that best suits the clients’ financial background and business objectives.  We identify attractive opportunities and source them for our clients.  The goal is successful immigration to the United States.
We care about our client’s immigration process; the business they invest in; and their transition to the US.  We understand this is a lengthy process, and moving to a foreign country is not always easy.  Thus, we are here to help our clients in every step of the way.    
Our experience and background allows us to ensure each matter is handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible, upholding the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.  Our team members are professionals or licensed lawyers.  We provide customized solutions to each of our clients, catering to individual needs and preferences.    
Business Advisory
Business advisory services are available to ensure our clients starts off their new business as smoothly as possible with minimal risk. Detailed operation plans, business plans, company guidelines, and market research may also be prepared by the client’s request. 
Business and Operation Management
On-going business and operation management services are available for clients that want to be hands-free with their business and needs trustworthy and experienced personnel to handle the management of the company and to ensure the company is in compliance with the law and annual audit requirements. 
Education Advisory
Education advisory helps parents and students make well-informed choices on education abroad.  After discussing with the parents and student, our consultant will prepare an advisory on the student’s options that best suits the student and family’s preferences.  College and boarding school application services are also provided.  English courses and tutoring for children and adults are available before the move to the United States.